Equine Therapy: The Healing Power of Horses

Posted on 1st Oct 2019

Did you know that horses have a unique power to heal some types of emotional damage in humans? Studies have demonstrated how in tune horses are with the emotions of humans. They don’t judge and they don’t obsess, instead taking life one minute at a time. 

 According to Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner Agnes Pilgram:


"The horses act as mirrors, so whatever your energy is or your emotions are at that time, they're going to mirror that to you,"


 The healing power of horses is being harnessed in a new program to help stem escalating suicide rates in Aboriginal youth. 

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) program

The Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) program in Derby, Western Australia, is trying to make an impact where millions of dollars of government funding have failed to do so.

The Kimberley has some of the highest rates of suicide amongst young people in the world and traditional therapy methods are not having an impact. Back-to-back coronial inquiries haven’t made any noticeable difference either.

The EAL program:  “taps into an "Aboriginal world-view" of relationships between people, animals and the land.”

 In other words, reconnecting with nature and the land is key to the healing process and long-term success.